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¡Aceleramos el proceso! You can buy directly from our online store the items you want to sell in your store. For this you will have to fill out and register in the following form. Once your data is done and verified, we will activate your distributor account in less than 24 hours, with which, you will be able to enter and have access to distributor prices and place orders for your store or business with just a few clicks.



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AITOR is an international benchmark in survival and combat knives. ! More than 80 years of experience guarantee us so long at the highest level of excellence, it is only possible when it comes to high-end products amply contrasted by armies and collectors. Few can offer such a wide range of exclusive accessories and can boast of a unique resistance that satisfy the needs and the most demanding treatment. Why not become one of our suppliers and thus also benefit from our products? “AITOR only adds value and prestige “

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